Advancing Pranayama and Meditation, Directed by Lanee Brown

Advanced Techniques in Pranayama and Meditation
25 Hours – Institute of Inner Source
2016/17 Dates: TBD
Cost: $450 + tax


Investigating various breath awareness exercises and Pranayama techniques; considering benefits & cautions, preparation, sitting, effects on physical, emotional/mental, intellectual & spiritual well-being. Understanding anatomy & physiology of respiration.

Specifically: puraka (inhalation), rechaka (exhalation,) kumbhaka (retention); mudras (locks/sealing postures) & bandhas (bondage/postures of contraction)); nadis (channels), chakras (wheels) & kundalini (coil).

Resource: LIGHT on PRANAYAMA, The Yogic Art of Breathing, B.K.S. Iyengar


Experiencing relaxation, preparatory practices and the primary meditations; understanding the purpose, benefits, cautions, as well as recent science that confirms why the yogis, rishis, sages & saints have done so for eons.

Specifically: guidelines, welcoming, compassion, equanimity, calm abiding, insight.

Resources: Stages of Meditation, The DALAI LAMA
YOGA NIDRA, A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and Healing, Richard Miller, PhD

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