Creative Dynamic Vinyasa, directed by Yali McGregor E-RYT 1000

Advanced Techniques in Vinyasa
25 Hours – Institute of Inner Source
2016/17 Dates: TBC
Cost: $450 + tax

Connect to your Authentic Self and learn to lead creative Dynamic posture flows that inspire and enhance your yoga experience. This weekend retreat-style training is ideal for those who already know the principles of basic yoga postures and are interested in learning how to teach them in a dynamic, flow-based format. It is also appropriate for yoga practitioners who are seeking an intensive posture flow experience.

Throughout this experience, by way of group discussions, practice sessions and group dynamics, we will explore ways to:

  • Deepen your yoga practice
  • Lead from a place of your authentic Self
  • Creatively sequence a yoga class— focusing on a specific theme, peak pose, alignment and/or group of specific postures
  • Transition from posture to posture with intelligent alignment and engaging ways
  • Draw from your own unique directory of postures, breathing techniques and meditation practices to create a personalized expression of yoga—on your own mat and as a guide to others
  • Encourage students to connect to their own intentions and expressions of yoga
  • Expand your teaching into new settings, from yoga studios and beyond

Credit Breakdown:

Experiential Learning and Understanding – 10 hours

  • Morning sadhana (practice), including intentional sequencing of a specific group of postures
  • Integration through chanting, centering, meditation and journaling
  • Sequencing safely and intuitively
  • Offering unique energetic hands-on assists observing the flow of prana
  • Sequencing Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes
  • Engaging with faculty to answer specific inquiries and discuss individual approaches to techniques covered

Teaching Methodology – 5 Hours

  • Assessing students and groups for appropriate level and ability
  • Structuring classes to serve a variety of scenarios, needs, or target participants
  • Conditioning and sequencing towards peak poses
  • Observing postures and learning how to build strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Making poses accessible for your students
  • Cueing and teaching from your authentic Self
  • Learning how to provide balance through counter poses and restorative postures
  • Playing and creating in yoga practice to connect postures and posture groups
  • Individual and group work to construct a variety of vinyasa sequences

Anatomy and Physiology – 2.5 hours

  • Understanding functional anatomy, bio-mechanics and kinesiology in relation to course curriculum
  • Inquiring into the physical effects of posture groups: core work, standing poses, inversions, back-bending, forward folds, hip opening, twists and arm balances.
  • Studying the energy centers/chakras affected
  • Sequencing safely using the body’s natural anatomy

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics – 4 hours

  • Applying inquiry based education
  • Philosophy discussion on the deity Saraswati
  • Basic Sanskrit study – naming the postures
  • Study of the origins of sequencing from multi-disciplinary lineages; e.g. Iyengar, Viniyoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, Kripalu, and Vinyasa and Power yoga

Practice Teach and Feedback – 8 hours

  • Utilizing the techniques cultivated throughout the training and your own creative process, teach a 45-60 minute flow in small groups
  • Giving and receiving constructive, positive and authentic feedback about the teaching experience
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