Inner Source Teacher Training, Directed by Ashley Collette

Inner Source Teacher Training
100 Hours – Institute of Inner Source
2016/17 Dates: TBD
Cost: $1750 + tax

100hr required for advanced 300hr Institute of Inner Source Teacher Within program

100hr Continuing Education Credits for Canadian Yoga Alliance

Develop Skills as a Yoga Educator
In the Inner Source Teacher Training, students will enrich their skills in offering a peak experience of interconnectedness to students within the context of a yoga class as well as enrich their skills in supporting yoga students individually in the exploration of their own personal yoga journey.

By developing a deeper relationship with the Teacher Within, we can better support others in cultivating and caring for the relationship with themselves and ultimately come to trust the guidance from within.


Through workshops, exploration (individual and in groups) and practice sessions, students of the Inner Source Teacher Training will:

  • Explore the philosophies of Samkhya, Advaita, and Unqualified Nondualism
  • Develop a deeper relationship with the life mission
  • Learn ways to offer yoga in non-traditional contexts
  • Develop listening and communication skills that support empowerment and connection
  • Practice the skill of curiosity and develop trust in the Teacher Within


Suggested reading relative to the Inner Source Teacher Training:
A Duet of One – The Ashtavakra Gita Dialogue by Ramesh S Balsekar


Course Syllabus:
Currently under construction. Sorry for the inconvenience … check back soon.

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