Lanee worked in the corporate world as a banker and then in small business as a business appraiser broker. She found herself at the end of the day, taking ‘power naps’, to refresh and re-energize for evening activities. Years later she realized this was preparation for her next career.

She has completed Yoga Therapy training, Pilates, IMT (Integrated Movement Therapy), Nia & Inner Workout Coaching certification courses. Lanee is currently studying Yoga Nidra in-depth & Tantric philosophy, and continues to expand her knowledge of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and different types of Hatha Yoga. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, as well as Native approaches to wellness, are also of interest to her.

“During my earlier years in business, as well as parenting, I (thankfully) found meditation to offer the most clarity & equanimity. Eventually I studied various techniques including training as a yoga teacher and therapist with an emphasis on mindfulness as a way of life. Today I continue to delve into the philosophies of ‘meaning & purpose’ which lead me to entertaining death as equally important as birth. Realizing that death is our birthright, it is the awareness that how we live is what prepares us for this experience. Let’s live in laughter & love.”

Yoga has humbly provided opportunities to be with others as they too inquire into their life & death. Gratitude fills me with joy when we are sharing our ideas, interests & inspirations in community. Namaste.”


Lanee is the director of Advancing Ayurveda and Advancing Pranayama and Meditation at the Institute of Inner Source.


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