From Michellene:
My journey to yoga was a winding road, but aren’t all the best adventures the ones that take you completely by surprise? I would consider the road to be separated into two parts; my own practice prior to Yoga Teacher Training and my Yoga Life post certification. Part one was a process from late 2007 to early 2013, then teacher training in Ubud Bali and I began teaching in the Fall of 2013. I first considered yoga after a suggestion it might help me manage some of my chronic pain issues, the class was with primarily seniors in a church basement and while it gave me some hope and some relief the vibe wasn’t for me. So off to Walmart I went, picked myself up a yoga DVD out of sale bin and away I went. Turns out it was a DVD by Blissologist Eoin Finn and so it became a home practice with Eoin for the first couple of years; don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a daily practice or even a regular one at that point, it was sporadic at best. Two years later I joined a colleague from work and began to attend Moksha classes with somewhat irregularity, from there it was some private classes and finally by 2011 I had found a studio to call home and teachers to serve my growth & awareness as I developed a true daily practice. For 2 solid years I practiced almost every single day, sometimes twice a day. My pain diminished, my levels of positivity and happiness grew; I even started my own business in the Health & Wellness Industry. I had taken classes & workshops all over the world but decided it would be serendipitous to take my YTT~200 with Eoin Finn and that’s exactly what I did. Fast forward to Fall 2016, three years into Part Two and I have now taught in two studios, instructed well over 2000hrs and lead 5 Yoga Retreats. You could say I developed a passion for yoga over these past 9 years, a passion so deep I wanted to share in the process of teaching other individuals with deep desire to develop their yoga into that of a guiding voice; the joy of teaching teachers. This Blissologist Yogini is once again branching out in connection with the Institute of Inner Source to offer 200hr YTT  and I cannot wait to share our beautiful mixture of styles, approaches, thoughts and guidance with you.

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