Bachelor of Communication Studies
Diploma of Yoga
Yoga Alliance E-RYT 1000hr (International Registered Yoga Teacher)
Teacher Training module facilitator
Pranassage Practicioner
Mat Pilates Instructor

Yali’s offerings infuse an Ashtanga Vinyasa foundation with inquiry-based moving meditations serving up an innovative, dynamic teaching style seamlessly merging tradition with a careful application to contemporary influences and forms. Her ability to clearly educate many levels from beginner to advanced though intelligent sequencing make her classes accessible yet challenging.
Joining a class with Yali will bring you back to your breath and your centre, by transmitting the teachings she has practiced for 15 years in her own body/mind, will allow you to align and connect at a deeper level to your intention for practicing the art and science of Yoga. Bridging the gap from practice (sadhana) to lifestyle.

Yali has been on faculty at the internationally renowned Nosara Yoga Institute.
as Senior Posture Technique Director on more than twelve 200 hour Teacher Training programs.
She also directs International Teacher training modules: 50 & 25 hour
– Evolving Your Sadhana & Teaching Methods
– Creative Dynamic Vinyasa
Yali recently certified as a Balanced Body Mat Pilates Instructor.
And offers Pranssage – a synthesis of and deeply relaxing form of yoga & bodywork



Yali has that quality that cannot be taught or learned: the essence of a human being fulfilling their purpose on earth. Her yoga is an inspiration.
INDIRA KATE KALMBACH – fellow teacher, Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

To experience Yoga with Yali is to be uplifted physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Physically, she will make your stronger through her rigorous yoga practice and you will do things you did not know you could do.
Spiritually, she will help you to open your heart with her beautiful and thought-provoking readings and chants. At the end of the practice you will be in a new place emotionally as your body and your heart pull you to something greater.
Yoga with Yali is not just one thing — it is a true union for your mind, body and spirit and a path to a better place.

Pranassage with Yali is out of this world. She will use her Yoga — and her feet and elbows and knees — to help your body to go back into its most perfect alignment. Pranassage with Yali creates an experience that is so much more than massage.
ELIZABETH SARGENT, Student and client, USA/Costa Rica

“Yali is a true Yogini on all levels. She is strong in her posture practice but never losses sight that Love is the operative silent partner in all her teaching. She is a woman with a mission and yet always stops to be with you where you are. It is always a pleasure being taught by her.”
AMBA STAPLETON – Director/Founder of Nosara Yoga Institute

Yali is a strong and beautiful presence. Her authenticity allows one to connect with the center of one’s being. I experienced this during a meditation guided by Yali. Her voice took me to a place I had never been before. I connected with my heart, with my breath, and with my tears.
Thank You, Yali. Light and Love.

Yali’s true dedication and love for yoga shines through her teaching
and lifts up every spirit on the yoga mat.
ELENORA RAMSBY HERRERA – Yoga Teacher, Stockholm, Sweden

‘Yoga with Yali has been inspiring, insightful and uplifting, challenging and fun.
Opening up my heart, body, mind & spirit.
Yali is a committed Yogini and friend. A bright spark, a strong flame, a guiding light.
QUENTIN KOTTER – Yoga/Pranassage Practitioner, Costa Rica & California

“Yali is one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I have ever practiced with!
Her classes are challenging, invigorating and creative, effectively strengthening the body and calming the mind. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly beautiful being. Enjoy.”
ELISSA O’BRIAN –Sebastopol, California, USA

Yali shares herself authentically as a yoga teacher and in doing so, challenges and encourages you as a student. Her classes have supported me in deepening my own practice.
NANCY SUN – Surfer, Yoga client, New York

Yali is the director of Evolving Sadhana and Creative Dynamic Vinyasa at the Institute of Inner Source.

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