200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Directed by Ashley Collette
Additional Faculty: Lina MasoodMichellene Kandert and Jeff Johnson

 Personal growth, professional development and spiritual awareness
200 Hours – Institute of Inner Source
2016/17 Dates: Nov 19-20, Dec 10-11, Jan 14-15, Feb 11-12, Mar 11-12, Apr 8-9, Apr 29-30, May 27-28 + 3 day retreat in BC May 20-22
Cost: $3500 + tax

A personal growth, professional development and spiritual awareness program to instill and dispense the wisdom and teachings of yoga. Students of the program will learn how to be responsible for all aspects of Self: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. The completion of this program also qualifies for the certification process to be a Yoga Teacher.

The program is divided into two parts:
In the first part of the program, participants will receive a foundation of basic yoga principles, as supported by training guidelines and study materials, towards developing a self-directed personal practice. There will be a presentation and study of the yamas and niyamas (yogic principles that guide daily living), yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and dhyana (meditation). The primary focus of the first half of the training is on Balance: learning to work with the processes that enhance your inner awareness, physical well-being, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual attunement.

In the second part of the program, students will obtain sufficient information, training, and practice to have a robust understanding of a number of yoga practices with a clear overview and an in-depth investigation of the various paths available to the Yoga practitioner. This portion of the training includes aspects of psychology, philosophy, history, and ethics. The primary focus of the second half of the training is on Integration: to further the processes of the first half of the training and to share your knowledge with others in your life. At the end of the training, students will be offered the opportunity to pursue teaching certification.

Familiarity with yoga and a strong desire to become self-responsible.

Our Commitment:
To provide the information (comparable to and exceeding other similar training programs) in a largely experiential method with practical hands-on opportunities; to stimulate the interest and passion of each student, along with guidance & assistance to support each student’s’ individual journey.

YOUR Commitment:
Total Contact with Faculty: 180 Contact Hours with the main faculty of the Institute of Inner Source

Total Non-Contact : 20 Non-Contact Hours
– Estimated time for home study readings and assignments.
– Additional Requirements for Certification

*15 Apprentice Contact Hours: Observing teaching while participating as a student and while offering hands-on assisting to the lead yoga teacher (*teacher with whom the student is paired must be approved by lead trainer).

Teach a 90 minute Karma Yoga class (unpaid and supervised by the lead trainer).
Total Hours: Contact 180 (165+15) + Non-Contact (20) = 200 hours.

*The Institute of Inner Source will provide all teaching. Instruction in special components (psychology and anatomy/physiology, Ayurveda, etc) may be shared with a qualified teacher from the community. Limited opportunity to observe teachers and studios outside of the TW program is provided as a part of the curriculum.
*Please note that all classes attended outside of the contact hours provided by the Institute of Inner Source are at your own expense.

Certification path: $3500.00 + GST
Deepen your practice path (non certification): $3250 + GST (with the option to change at any point during the training and with the option to take the certification path at $500 for up to one year post graduation)

EARLY BIRD RATE: $3350 paid in full by Oct 15, 2016

Initial deposit $1750 +GST due by Nov 12, 2016
Second payment of $1750 + GST due on Feb 11, 2017

*Your spot on the training (once you have been approved) is reserved with your first down payment of $1750
*Includes required manual
*Payment available by credit, cheque or cash
*Please make cheques payable to Institute of Inner Source

Payment Plan:
Please contact us for more info if the offer above inhibits your participation in the course.

FAQs about 200hr Teacher Within YTT:
What happens if I miss parts of the training?  
If you miss any of the contact hours during the YTT, you have several options available to make them up. You can make up the hours by attending approved workshops in the community (provided by agents other than the Institute of Inner Source) at your own cost. You can listen to a recording of the portion of the 200hr training you missed and produce an assignment on top of all other required assignments. For reasonably small chunks of missed time, you can make up the hours through Karma Yoga projects as a part of sustaining your yoga community. These are arranged on a case-by-case basis with the main faculty of the training.

What happens if I want to take the Teacher Within only to deepen my own practice?
The Institute of Inner Source provides a training track dedicated to those who want to take the training only to deepen their own practice. If you have wanted to deepen your practice, but are not interested in being a yoga teacher in the community, you may take all of the training without the completion of a final exam and practicum teaching certification. In this case, you can always change your mind during the training and take the certification track. Additionally, you can take the certification track up to one year after the final day of the training for a $500 fee.

Is the retreat included in the price of the training?
Yes, except only for the cost of your travel. That is up to you.

How do I apply?
Go to the ‘contact us’ page on our website and fill it out with your information. Let us know you would like to apply to the program. Send us a short blurb on who you are, your experience with yoga, and why you feel our program is a good fit for you. We will get back to you ASAP with any questions that we might have and we can go from there to secure your spot on the training.

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