Pranassage Practitioner Training, Directed by Ashley Collette

Pranassage Practitioner Training
100 Hours – Institute of Inner Source
2016/17 Dates: 18-20 Nov, 25-27 Nov, 27-29 Jan + 3-5 Feb (4 weekends of 25hrs)
Cost: $1750 + tax

100-hour elective for advanced 300-hour Institute of Inner Source Teacher Training (Can also be used as 100-hour elective for advanced 300-hour Nosara Yoga Teacher Training)

100-hour Institute of Inner Source Teacher Training or Nosara Yoga Teacher Training
100-hour Continuing Education Credits for Canadian Yoga Alliance and or Yoga Alliance CEU
Created by Amba Stapleton, Pranassage is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation in both the receiver and the giver.

In this training, you will learn how to physically move your client’s body into a flow of positions, allowing them to remain passive, so that they can feel each position from the inside out. As you guide their bodies through interesting sequences of movement, the receiver is able to witness forgotten possibilities for motion and action, creating balance and relief throughout every part of their being.

This form of effortless movement reeducates and neurologically reorganizes the receiver’s physical being, replacing inefficient patterns with fluid, harmonious and efficient movements.

The Experience of Pranassage®

  • Encourages a relationship with gravity. By allowing the force of gravity to do the work, the giver is able to remain relaxed while the receiver’s body releases the weight of unnecessary tension
  • Increases sensation. Providing insight into areas of tension and openness in the body
  • Creates a direct line of communication with the body. As the practitioner asks “would you like more or less pressure,” and the receiver listens internally for what is needed, moment by moment

Pranassage is not yoga therapy. As practitioners, we are not attempting to produce deep contact evoke with the emotions that arise in various positions. Rather, in this training, you will learn how to listen and witness, so that if and when emotions do arise, you can be present with your client as another human being.

Pranassage is grounded in the science of yoga, as well as anatomy, physiology and efficient body mechanics. It is also rooted in common sense and intuition. Once familiar with the basic techniques, opportunities for creativity and inventiveness naturally arise.

Upon graduation, certified Pranassage Practitioners are qualified to offer individualized sessions that are creatively tailored to each client’s fitness needs. These skills are also transferable, as you develop increased sensitivity while offering assists in regular group classes.

The deeper we can relax without losing awareness, the more we can begin to feel the flow of prana that yoga promises.

Course Syllabus
Techniques 50 Hours
How Pranassage® works
Explore the dynamics of 35 asanas that induce yoga nidra
Efficient body mechanics that facilitate pranic release
Conditioning movements that increase kinesthetic intelligence
12 Pranassage® Flow Sequences
Following the rhythm of natural pranayama
“Who am I?” meditation
Harnessing relaxed awareness for releasing blocks and tension

Methodology 12 Hours

Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology 12 Hours

Philosophy, Psychology & Lifestyle 12 Hours

Practicum 15 Hours

Professional Practices 5 Hours

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